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From Traumatic Static Webzine:

We always get excited over here when news of a new release from THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND comes our way. This is the project of Joe Truck, A man known for his work in the 90's New York goth scene with his previous band (Well one of many) Scarecrow. Joe has been involved with countless projects since ranging from Black Metal grimness to furiously relentless Thrash Metal and more. When it comes to T.B.S.U. (Which is his long active solo effort) We find Joe conjuring charred blackened soundscapes that haunt the realms of Death Industrial, Caustic Harsh Noise, Lo-fi Blackened Electronics and Death Rattle Ambient. With this new release we see T.B.S.U. honing their skills into two razor sharp attacks. "Fetid Womb" opens dragging us into snuff dungeon atmospheres where windswept textures and bellowing sub-ambient drifts sweep us into pitch black recesses. We are soon greeted by the beast on his throne as black rasps spew into the air, Carried by piercing feedback and cloaked in crisp distortion. Clattering echoes fill the air with booming resonance.The mood is bleakness and despair at full blast. Cacophonous and cavernous. It sounds like we've entered the den of an ungodly creature of nightmares. Parallels can be drawn to contemporaries like TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, STEM-CELL RESEARCH PROJECT, Etc. That should be a good indication of the level of despair you can expect here. Feedback glides along while croaking vocals struggle to be heard as if being forced from the dry throat of a formless, Ancient, Titan of a monster after awakening from aeons of sleep and slowly ascending from a dust laden and cobwebbed sarcophagus. Deep ritual chants rise as haunting horror ambient layers weave in and out. The comforts of the grave beckon the listener, Becoming more demanding as time passes. Stretched/dragged textures creak like ancient doors as thunder claps and metallic clattering are heard softly in the distance. Things wind down into winds and thunder alone creating a minimalist storm front that slowly fades into perfect silence.

Perhaps Cerberus was the horrific creature we just heard calling from the depths of that fetid womb? With this much darkness it's hard to tell what may or may not be dwelling within these pitch black veils and blankets. This second slab of sinister sound starts with loud thuds and clatter that usher in a pulse like the hum of some kind of industrial machinery cranking to life. The vocals are loud, Echoing and panned to the left which causes one to feel slightly off balance and caught off guard every time they strike. The opening sounds are present as a looped rhythm to accompany the mechanical churning. Sounds like those of grinding/sanding machines are heard sending sparks into the dark as oil drum percussion's and additional factory textures are heard in a grueling chorus of laborious hardship. Again I am reminded quite a bit of TREPANERINGSRITUALEN but with a more "Necro Black Metal" vibe. Feedback and other aggressive sounds swirl with a truly ghostly resonance that haunts from above. Definitely my favorite of the two tracks present on this release but both are equally worth experiencing. Had the industrial revolution taken place in the lowest depths of Hell it may have sounded something very much like this. The vocals seem almost like an after-thought. Usually vocals steal the lead when it comes to Noise music, But here they blend and become another texture used more for atmosphere it seems. Plodding rhythms crush and pound like a steam powered press of some sort. All the rusty cogs and gears are somehow turning and the sound if magnificent. Again we end with minimal movements until all fades to quiet. Excellent.



released August 4, 2016


all rights reserved



Orb Tapes Pennsylvania

Record label based in central Pennsylvania.

Experimental, fringe and extreme musics

est. 2015

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